Emotional australian commercial/ads – Part 2: I am Australian #iamaustralian

Part 2 about emotional australian commercial/ads is about „I am Australian“, I really like the ads, not so the product or company behind that, but the idea to create a patriotic song in a country you like or love is great.

Here are the videos:

The Seekers – I Am Australian (Live – 2000)

I am, you are, we are Australian

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Emotional australian commercial/ads – Part 1: I still call Australia Home

Hi there, since quite a while over the years I sometimes was stunned about some australian commercial/ads i saw on my flights to and from Australia and in the TV channels there. I am going to blog about some which I prefer or like, not because of the product which is promoted but about the way they put emotions into an ad. Because I am half australian, half german I like those ads and they still show their effect.

Here with Part 1 I want to start with one of the actually most known ad „I still call Australia Home„. It is known as the Ad of Qantas (You remember? The company with „The spirit of Australia“ and the Kangaroo on their airplanes tail). But you can actually also read more information at Wikipedia. So here are the videos related to „I still call Australia Home“ (by the way, here are the lyrics):

(Update – i found this extra Qantas Ad just now…)

QANTAS AD New Commercial – I Still Call Australia Home:

I Still Call Australia Home:

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Piratenpartei Australien nimmt Kurs auf das Parlament in Canberra auf (@piratepartyau)

Australian Pirate Party Sets Course for Parliament // Die australische Piratenpartei nimmt Kurs auf das Parlament in Canberra auf.

Als ich diese Nachricht gelesen habe, war ich sehr erfreut, denn lange Zeit hielt ich es für schier nicht machbar. Sie werden jetzt nicht so erfolgreich sein, wie vergleichsweise in Europa oder in Deutschland, aber immerhin – sie sind dann schon mal wählbar. Es ist ein gutes Zeichen und freut mich natürlich sehr. Nächsten Monat werden die Kollegen dort ihren Parteitag abhalten und auch live streamen und ich hoffe (nicht die ganze Zeit) aber mal kurz reinzuschauen.

Und so wie es aussieht, kann ich sogar auch mitwählen. Ich lasse mich derzeit für die Wahl registrieren (habe eine doppelte Staatsbürgerschaft) und hoffe, dass ich zugelassen werde. Werde bei weiteren Neuigkeiten darüber dann auch bloggen und freue mich schon jetzt auf Wahlerfolge (egal wie viel Prozent..) 🙂

Pepper and Scout at Fosterton Farm


These two lovely dogs are really georgeous and i had two great days with them at the Fosterton Farm in Dungog, New South Wales, Australia.
If you pat one the other one tries to get some of your attention too by pushing the other one away. And then they won’t leave you.

I know a similar dog called Leila in Germany. She would have had fun with these two.

Pepper is the one with the black dots and Scout the darker one. And they love eating their bones in the evening and get a lovely meaty desert.

Thank you Loo and Simon for these unforgettable moments.

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