Video: 2veritasium – The Problem With Facebook

A really interesting video from “2veritasium” about the problem with facebook:


Facebook is a complex ecosystem of individuals, creators, brands and advertisers, but I don’t think it serves any of these groups particularly well because its top priority is to make money. Now, I don’t think making money is a bad thing, in fact I hope to make some myself. The problem is the only way Facebook has found to make money is by treating all entities on the site as advertisers and charging them to share their content.

This business plan backfires because 1) not all entities ARE advertisers and 2) it was the content from these people, specifically friends, family, and creators that made the site worth visiting in the first place. Now the incentives are misaligned:
– individuals want to see great content, but they are now seeing more paid content and organically shared content which appeals to the lowest common denominator (babies, weddings, and banal memes)
– creators want to reach fans but their posts are being throttled to force them to pay to be seen
– brands and advertisers have to pay once to advertise their page on Facebook, and then pay again to reach the people who have already liked their page. Plus Facebook is not a place where people generally go to buy things.

Facebook stands in contrast to other social media like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram where all content is shared with all followers.

Because I can.

Because I can.

The more and often I look at this facebook question “What are you doing?” I am questioning myself why am I doing this or why should I write something in this window or who might be interested in what I might have to say or even not to say and what reaction it could cause. I actually have stopped writing facebook posts in comparison to earlier days. Maybe it could have been the case that facebook changes it’s privacy settings or more advertising and “sponsored posts” are popping up. Well I instantly removed or disliked earlier liked facebook pages which tried to tell me I should click here or there to win an technically old iPad or different. Normally facebook wants me to share more private information from me that I actually do. I am not changing my profile picture or not posting as much foodpics as I did before. I am actually sharing a lot of political and to facebook “boring” posts and images with cute cats or different animations or videos. But nothing relevant more private what they don’t already know. And because I am blogging on wordpress, tweeting at Twitter, instagramming on instagram and keeping track with friends and fellows on foursquare – what more relevant info does fb want?

You know what? I don’t care – actually I do – I just don’t spam my and your timeline/chronicle full of changes of what I have could or couldn’t have done every second… Or because I am too old and have used facebook for too long? Who knows… Guess what – I just posted this text also on my blog and will re-post it on twitter and Google+. Why?

Because I can.

And what about you? 🙂