Here on this and other pages, you can find blogposts, stuff and links which have to do with Mastodon – the fediverse network. And by the way, you are more than welcome to follow me on the fediverse, you can find my profile here:

This page is going to be updated from now and then. Mostly new blogposts will appear in the category „Mastodon„.

I will also update from time to time my to share a like Mastodon lists (something similar like the Twitter lists feature). At the moment they aren’t public (yet), so I will have to announce them on a blog or other way.

How I use Mastodon

Here on this page I am going to update from time to time how I use Mastodon with some hints.

Automated post deletion

One nice feature in Mastodon is the automated post deletion. You can find it „Preferences -> Automated post deletion„. I did setup that Mastodon (or the instance I am using) is automatically deleting old posts that are older than 2 months. Not all posts, there are some restrictions:

  • Keep pinned posts
  • Keep direct messages
  • Keep posts you favourited and bookmarked
  • Keep posts that have at least 3 amount of favourites and at least 3 boosts.

I am interested how this will work, I did start with that on 22nd November 2022.


The lists might not be up to date or are correct, but I will update from time to time. Sadly at the moment, Mastodon lists aren’t like the Twitter lists and a bit more complicated, so updating the list is more manual work than just a few clicks. If this changes, I will let you know.

Software Testing

Here are some accounts, I follow as they provide content or have something to with Software Testing in professional field: