Still Falling – Tasmania’s forest –

I had to cry while watching.. 🙁 Please watch the video until the end and spread it to everyone you know…

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Miranda Gibson has devoted years of her life to defending Tasmania’s old growth forests…

Holding Australia’s record for longest tree sit, Miranda is no stranger to the long haul of tenacious grassroots campaigns for ecodefence. Miranda’s Observer Tree sit lasted 449 days and her six and a half years working on the Florentine Forest blockade has awarded World Heritage Protection status for the otherwise doomed Florentine eucalyptus stand.

Miranda is apprehensive of the word “victory” as she sees her struggle as an ever-poised and vigilant stance against creeping, rapacious development.

Despite Miranda’s laundry list of victories for the forests of Tasmania, trees are Still Falling, and these forests need your help.

Take action and join Miranda’s fight:


Viral Campaign: Dumb Ways To Die | Metro Melbourne | #Australia #dumbwaystodie

Daniel Rehn blogged about the viral campaign of Metro Melbourne “Dumb ways to die” and how clever it was made – and I can’t resist viewing the video and listening to the Song over and over again. Be sure to check it out yourself, copy/paste and share it to your friends.


The Song can be played here on soundcloud, it is from “Tangerine Kitty”

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Gillard labels Abbott a misogynist – or why more politicians should react like Gillard

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has hit back at Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s call for Peter Slipper to be removed as Speaker, attacking Mr Abbott as a misogynist:


(Source: NewsOnAbc, YouTube)

I think and say “Well done Julia Gillard!”. More politicians should have the guts to speak up against sexism. There are so many situations when women can’t react and talk to a greater public like Gillard. And there should be more men who stop provoking women or should rethink their thinking about sexism. I know this is a huge potential of discussion. I actually would like to see more (german) female politicians who stand more to womens rights than they are acting now. And sometimes have the power to react like Gillard.

What do you think?

It’s time. End marriage discrimination. #MARRIAGEEQUALITY #GetUp!



To all Australian Politicians,

Not allowing same-sex couples to marry denies them and their families legal equality and perpetuates discrimination and prejudice.

The overwhelming majority of Australians support full marriage equality and it is the right thing to do.

Marriage matters: amend the Commonwealth Marriage Act so that same-sex partners can be wed.