Stop. Think. Respect. ‘The Invisible Discriminator’ by beyondblue #StopThinkRespect

Über Kress bin ich auf dieses Video der australischen Organisation “beyondblue” gestoßen. Es ist ein Video welches auf die unausgesprochenen Diskriminierungen im Alltag aufmerksam macht. Es sind Situationen die alle von uns schon kennen oder auch erlebt haben, diese Blicke oder Gesten von anderen anderen Menschen, die einem ein Gefühl von Abwertung geben, also das man sich weniger Wert fühlt als andere. In diesem Video geht es vor allem um die Diskrimierung in Australien und wie einige Australier die Ureinwohner (Aborigines) durch einen bestimmten Rassismus diskriminieren. Es ist ein gut gemachtes Video, das auch auf andere Länder und Kulturen anwendbar ist, aber es regt sehr zum Nachdenken an.

Hier die englische Beschreibung der Kampagne von beyondblue:

beyondblue‘s new national anti-discrimination campaign highlights the impact of racism on the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

Research shows that subtle or ‘casual’ racism can be just as harmful as more overt forms. Imagine being judged in a job interview by the colour of your skin, rather than the strength of your CV. How would you feel if you were watched in a shop or treated differently on public transport?

Why should anyone be made to feel like crap, just for being who they are?   

Stop. Think. Respect. encourages everyone in Australia to check their behaviour. Stop the discrimination, think about how your comments or actions could cause real distress and harm, and respect people who are different from you.

Und gestern Abend bin ich dann auf einen Vine Ausschnitt von ABC gestoßen, der dazu passt:

Was haltet ihr von den Videos, habt ihr auch ähnliche Erfahrungen gehabt, miterlebt, wie seid ihr damit umgegangen, fändet ihr so eine Kampagne in Deutschland auch sinnvoll?

Visiting the MOTAT Museum of Transport and Technology in Auckland #visitAuckland

Yesterday (29.10.2013) I’ve visited the Museum of Transport and Technology MOTAT in Auckland. I was interested in how New Zealand was developing and inventing into technology and mobility from the past. Ok, it is not as big and technological perfect like the Mercedes–Benz Museum in Stuttgart but it is nice and you get well informed about the history of Auckland and New Zealand. And actually you should start with this museum right off first before you discover the rest of Auckland city. Because on several displays and little movies (20mins) in the museum they explain how Auckland looked ages ago and how by the way the CIVIC theatre was built and why it is so special.

While you are walking trough the different halls and buildings of the museum you can see some vintage cars and trucks and trams and you get a feeling that time stands still there. Not only because there’s music from the 60s/60s playing though speakers all the time, but because you dive into an old world. There are easy to understand displays and even with your smartphone and a qr-code reader you can let yourself get explained (in different languages) what you are looking at. I took a lot of pictures with my smartphone and you can view them here at Google+ Photos. Between the museum and the air show you are beeing transported with an old tram which is really nice.

In the airshow you walk into a huge shed with lots of planes displayed. It isn’t chronologically structured or planned so you just walk through without any guide or help. That is kind of boring. Some planes are under restauration and can’t get walked through at the moment. At least they have a good and well done area about Jean Batten. It was nice and peaceful made and you could sit and watch movies and interviews of her.

After the MOTAT I also decided to go to the Auckland Zoo (which is right next to it, Access through the tram) – but that will be another blogpost. So far from now.


Piha Beach (New Zealand)

After arriving safe and well in Auckland (New Zealand) and got picked up from Tina, Steph and Daniel from the airport and had a great day and welcome yesterday, we drove today to Piha beach, Auckland (New Zealand) to have a picknick and and lookout on the bay area of Auckland. It was great. Here are some pictures:

On the evening we went out to “New Flavor” Chines Restaurant in Auckland which was really great and with BYO. I am really full and satisfied. And no, didn’t take any food pics there because it was too yummy 🙂

And that was day 2 and haven’t got any jet lag anymore.