Everyone who has been visiting Australia might have seen or even tasted Vegemite.
Well I don’t like it, I tried it when I was little but it didn’t taste. But what I liked
where the TV commercials about Vegemite. Here are some I found on YouTube and I like:

Vegemite – Australian TV commercial
Possibly THE all-time classic Aussie TV ad (tied for first place with „Louie The Fly“!), here’s the „Happy Little Vegemites“ ad…:

VEGEMITE TV Ad – The Darwin Ice Hockey Club

Vegemite – Australian TV commercial (1982)

2009 Vegemite Name Me TV Commercial – Extended

VEGEMITE TV Ad – Toast Of A Nation

But I am still searching for one special Ad I saw around November 2002 where the voices of

the people were spoken by the children, I really liked that – haven’t found it yet. If you by any chance know
which ad I mean, please comment. Thank you.

Von Alexander