What? I got what? I got perk’d. Don’t worry, everything is ok. I am fine. 🙂

Perks are exclusive rewards given to content creators. Every day, Klout users receive amazing products, special discounts and VIP access because of their online influence in certain topics.

i already received an iPhone 5 case a year ago – I haven’t got an iPhone 5, but hey, it is somewhere in my flat unused… And a few weeks ago, I had this Mail from Klout in my mailbox:

Klout Perk Moo

I already new „moo.com business cards“ from different parties and events, but have never ordered some, didn’t know what to do or if I should try it… Anyhow, I claimed my Perk and entered my contact details, grabbed a picture of me and a picture of Frankfurt Skyline (found via Facebook, with license) and I just payed 4,95 Euros for 50 business cards printed and shipped from the UK. Of course I shared the status via twitter:

I waited a couple of days and whooops then they arrived and they look great and I like them. Here’s the tweet with the picture:

My Profile at Klout: http://klout.com/#/alexschnapper

Von Alexander