To all fellow software testers – Happy World Testers Day! Yes. Today is the 9th September and that is a good day.



And thanks to Geosley (Twitter) there are 5 ways to celebrate! 🙂

  • Research on Software Testing history and why this day
  • Thank your fellow Testers and Mentors from the Testing community
  • Learn a Testing topic you always wanted to research on
  • Spread the word of our craft, Help others know about Testing
  • Read a Software Testing book
World Testers Day by Geosley, Source:

The first computer „Bug“ – History

But now you might ask – since when has there been a world testers day? Very good question. According to the almighty knowledge of the internet there are various sources how it happened. I am referring to the entry of „National Geographic“. I recommend you to read it, very interesting. And, do your fellow devs and testers know this already? 😉

On September 9, 1947, a team of computer scientists reported the world’s first computer bug—a moth trapped in their computer at Harvard University.

National Geographic/

Photo of first computer „bug“, 1947

Since 2012 I am a software tester and it is not an easy job. As a tester you should be able to think as a user, understand sometimes the software code and analyze the system behaviour, input parameters and be part of engineer in software development. But isn’t then every day a testers day? Kind of, but let’s stick to this 9th September and have a special day and feel proud to be a software tester.

So, have a wonderful day

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