Last week our company MaibornWolff GmbH (LinkedIn Link) rebranded it’s logo, claim and complete corporate identity and celebrated this. On Friday we had a special day at work where we watched the launch of the relaunch via Monitors but onsite (not all employees, but quite a few) in the Frankfurt office. The new logo is colourful. The claim is called people.code.commitment.

And I must say, the rebranding comes just right and it feels great with the changes. And with that claim „people.code.commitment“ it opens so many ideas… Who knows what is coming up, but I think of cool things for our software testing department we can do with the new CI to get more attention.

Screenshot LinkedIn MaibornWolff

Today I picked up my new ID card and got a Brand Box with some nice goodies. Thanks and special Kudos to the Marketing Team, you people rock! 🙂

this just small blogpost not to forget it 😉

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