It is the time of the year again – when all the children return to the places of their birth to fix their parents‘ IT problems. Yes, if you know what I mean then you know it is time for christmas and to fix and solve the computer and/or smartphone problems of the parents and of everyone who might come around „very spontaneous“.

Often the last few years I have seen various Bullshit Bingo cards or sharepics with some nice ideas and thoughts (and there are a lot), but I wasn’t really happy with them. Anyhow, I just quickly created one small bingo card (maybe going to update with some other cards and items in this blogpost sometime before christmas) and hope you might have joy and laughter.

I call it the „people in IT edition“ as most of the people I know work as software engineers or cloud platform experts or quality coaches or just IT people 😉

Christmas Bullshit Bingo IT edition 2022

Here you go, download and share, feel inspired and prepare yourself for similar or exact those phrases or questions. And please see this with a smile and help your parents or friends and others. 🙂

I already have a few more items to create a second card (or more), but if you have also got some ideas, feel free to add them as a comment or contact me via Mastodon ( and I will then inform you if there will be another version.

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