Alright, another blogpost about Software Testing, well, actually more about community networking. I am using Bluesky (the other Social Media alternative from X (formerly known as Twitter) and besides Mastodon) since a couple of months and it feels great, nice and interesting people and in my humble thoughts a good future ahead.

Well, so Simon Tomes from Ministry of Testing (MoT) wrote in his weekly testing news issue 435 about where all the folks who are into software testing gather around online (besides the MoT club!). So next to LinkedIn and Mastodon more and more people are joining Bluesky, so he did write a Bluesky thread (Bluesky link)and mentioned some people out of the community. And this is a great idea, to connect and follow folks I would not have discovered in this early phase of Bluesky.

As Bluesky is still an invite-only to also keep spammers and idiots out, this link will work for people who already have a Bluesky account: So for others, who are interested, I thought why don’t I write down the names and add them here in this blogpost.

Well, not only for others, also for me as we all know that a bluesky posting will be forgotten by time… 😄. So here we go, with no order or reason, just typing down the accounts mentioned in Simons posting (and incoming replies).

In case you wonder for what the „did“ in the URL below stands for, it is a Decentralized Identifier, you can read more on Wikipedia and on the internet like here from DockIO. And if people on this list below are missing, just comment below with a link to the profile and I will update the list.

77 Accounts = 26.10.2023

Bluesky Software Testing Accounts

  1. Angie Jones
  2. Tristan Lombard
  3. Andrew Morton (Testhingchef)
  4. Ministry of Testing
  5. Ian Rathbone
  6. Me (Alex Schnapper)
  7. Anne Marie Charrett
  8. Paul Grizzaffi
  9. David Williams
  10. Daniel Knott
  11. Lee Marshall (thepiratetester)
  12. Chris McMahon
  13. Ben (Full Snack Tester)
  14. Vernon Richards (Testerfromleic)
  15. Patrick „Grumpy“ Prill
  16. Marit van Dijk
  17. Meg MacKay (cactusflamingo)
  18. Dave Rutt
  19. Joanna Denni
  20. Joao Proenca jrosaproenca
  21. Neil Younger
  22. Karo Stoltzenburg
  23. James Thomas (hiccupps)
  24. Swanny
  25. Fifty Skies of Shey (Sheymouse)
  26. Michele Playfair
  27. Maaike Brinkhof (maaikees)
  28. Lisi Hocke
  29. Tara with Tiaras
  30. Lena Pejgan
  31. Constance Hermit
  32. Wicked witch of the test (witchofthetest)
  33. Heather Reid (heatherreiduff)
  34. Dan (thatdamnqa)
  35. Dan (daddan)
  36. Özgür Bilge (ozgurbilge)
  37. Lukáš Kaňka (kankys)
  38. Ian Emery
  39. Gem Hill (Carebackpack)
  40. Tony Bruce
  41. Noah Sussman
  42. Karen (karentestsstuff)
  43. STU (fxcrnr)
  44. Erkki
  45. AI (testninja77)
  46. James Sheasby Thomas (rightsaidjames)
  47. Lisa Crispin
  48. Abby Bangser (abangser)
  49. Jenna Charlton (theywrestletest)
  50. AgileTD Zone
  51. Ash Coleman
  52. vds4
  53. Fiona Charles
  54. Association for Software Testing (ast-news)
  55. Mel Eaden (melthetechie)
  56. Stephan (thetraveller)
  57. Elout van Leeuwen
  58. Gavin Maselino
  59. Chris Armstrong (christovskia)
  60. Chris Atkinson (qatkinson)
  61. Dragonsight (kinofrost)
  62. Oleksandr Romanov (al8xr)
  63. Kristian (kristjwhite)
  64. Janet Gregory (janetgregoryca)
  65. Tobias Geyer (theqaguy)
  66. Testing Peers (testingpeers) (Podcasting on leadership, quality and agility every two weeks.)
  67. Søren Wassard (tg2g)
  68. Brian S (brian-tester)
  69. Nick Pass (slats)
  70. Arlene Andrews (arleneandrews)
  71. Patrick „Grumpy“ Prill (testpappy)
  72. Jesper Ottosen (jo2sn)
  73. Tamara Josten (tamaraj)
  74. Christian Baumann (chrissbaumann)
  75. Joe Colantonio (testguild)
  76. Attila der Raketenmann
  77. Christoph Menke

The list not the end, it can be extended…

And if people on this list below are missing, just comment below with a link to the profile and I will update the list.

Have a good day. Keep on testing.

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