Walter Nasarek, a very close and good friend from Germany (living since years now in New Zealand with his family) is taking time off work to travel to Bangladesh to help train healthcare and community workers in Palliative Care. With this blogpost I want to share the fundraising site and ask for your help to donate or fundraise his work.

The daughters of David, Tina and Steph, set up this fundraising page to support Walter.

Walter is taking time off work to travel to Bangladesh for three weeks in October. He’s joining an international team (three doctors and one counselor) to help train and mentor healthcare providers and community workers in Palliative Care.

He has worked as a palliative care nurse for over 20 years. He has shared his knowledge in New Zealand and now has the opportunity to travel back to Bangladesh to help there. Bangladesh is a country close to our hearts. Judith and Walter met in Bangladesh in the 70’s and they have lived there as a family in the 80s. In total he lived for 7 years in Bangladesh.

Most of the training will be in the Rohingya Camps near Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.

I am very impressed of Walter and donated a small amount (NZ dollars). Here is the link for the fundraising page:

Pictures: Nasarek’s from givealittle-website

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