This is an updated blogpost as a follow up to my previous posting from January. I decided to completely write it in english and not doing two language versions. So my updated work from home Setup (formerly Homeoffice Setup) did not really change a lot, but I will add new pictures and information to the tools I use.

Version 2.2

The previous setups of working from home environment were not fully finished, but at the moment I now like the way of the environment I created in my office room in our house. But it can change within the next months, too. Maybe an Elgato Streck Deck+ will be added.. Let’s see 😄.

Picture of my homeoffice remote work setup environment from August 2023. I call it version 2.2

Technical details

Basically what you can see on the desk (besides water bottles, paper and other stuff) is:

  • Working computer (Macbook Pro provided by the company I work for)
  • Elgato Key Light Air (at the moment the one LED light works)
  • Two ASUS 24″ screens (connected with USB-C to the USB-C ports of the Macbook on the left side)
  • Rode NT USB Microphone (connected to a USB-C Hub) mounted to a microphone boom from Neewer and Superlux headphones. I am not using bluetooth for Audio/Video signals.
  • Omotion wireless keyboard (connected via Bluetooth)
  • Logitech mouse
  • Two no-name LED lights on top of the screens. Only connected via USB when I need them. Different colors because I am still testing them, I do like the black one.

Maybe in the future, I will add an elgato stream deck, but at the moment I am fine with the setup. Oh, I do have a Dual monitor arm still to be mounted on the desk, so I am going to update then only this page, instead of adding another blogpost… 😉

Video and Audio

When I am using a video signal for online meetings, then I use the built-in face hd camera from Mac, if I need to show something else, then I connect to either the iPhone or add my Android smartphone via droidcam app as additional video sources. This can be very helpful when you want to show something on the desk or share written things and many more.

I can only recommend the Rode microphones (my personal opinion) and I do have a lavalier microphone when I am working in the real physical office of our company or I do need to do a recording and I am standing in front of the camera. That can also be connected via USB-C. I stopped ages ago using bluetooth headphones because I experience so many cases that the sound quality wasn’t good enough or somehow the battery ran out or the connection got lost.

In online meetings the sound and not so the video is the main input that needs to be looked after. If your clients or collegues don’t understand you, then it does not matter how good the camera picture is.

What do you think?

Well… I did write a few more words than I actually wanted to write…

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments, maybe did your setup change in the past years or what are you using at the moment?

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