Years ago (2017) I was invited to a small private piano concert at friends where Garreth Broke was playing. And since then I like to hear what he has new on his list, so I receive his newsletter. You can also read my blogpost from 2018, but now I want to point out to a great video.


Please watch his video where you can see him playing the piano.

YouTube description :

In his latest EP “Being” Garreth Broke depicts four moments from a perfect day. In “Dancing” we are charmed as we watch a child dancing and remember what it was like to feel so free. Garreth Broke has been exploring grief for many years, particularly in albums like Coping Mechanism and Healing. Whilst working on a forthcoming new album on the topic he wrote nearly thirty pieces, some of which didn’t fit the album but nevertheless seemed to belong together. These are four such pieces. What unites them is that they are filled with the quiet joy of a life well lived.

YouTube Gareth Broke

I really enjoyed listening to the song and him playing. It’s a short but nice to hear song and sparkles joy for the moment and gets me to reflect for a few moments. Ideal for short breaks during work.

What about you? Either write your thoughts on Youtube or right here in the comments, but rather on his channel. 😉

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