I have written my TwExit posting already end of November 2022, so this new posting is not new to those who read my blog or know me, it is just a small translation as the original posting was written in german language. As I use more and more the Social Media platforms of Mastodon and Bluesky I do write more in english language.

Original Posting (in german):

I deactivated my account on Twitter (or X or whatever the platform will be named…, sic!). I did not delete it completely as I don’t want that my userhandle/username will be taken by someone else. So I set the account on private and leaving it, not logging into or posting since November 2022. And I am feeling good by that decision in the meantime.

The way of how I am using Social Media has changed as also I don’t get upset so often as in earlier days, I have a better network of folks I like to communicate and build a good network. For example I like exploring new folks on Bluesky and via Mastodon. Yes, Mastodon as I do like the atmosphere and it is FOSS, and yes, Bluesky not really. But at least no platform where rich people openly welcome hate speach and fake news.

As I wrote above, this is a very small blogpost, just in english.

Von alex

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